New (or Narrowed) Focus

This blog has fallen on some hard times, primarily due to my new focus and growing activity of bring social media inside the firewall. As I have mentioned before I have started a dark blog. I have almost as many posts internally in less than 2 months as I have posted here in over a year. I have also managed to move my interest in social media from pure personal development into actual value added activity for the organization. A while back I posted about becoming a blog evangelist; I have for all intents and purposes managed to make that happen. To tell you the truth about it, I am pretty excited by what is happening. This is the first time in a long time that my personal passion and my actual work have been this well aligned.

Now I plan drive change from the inside!!!


Just call me "George". (Thanks to Hugh for this.)

I think now I have a better perspective and a better focus on what I want this blog to be. I want to tighten my focus here and really get into the use of social media within a large organizational setting. Hopefully others in a similar position will be able to leverage some of what I am learning for their own use; and that I can find some new insight from new connections.

Here we go…