Reviving the Old Blog

As wipeoutDecision 3D in now being put on a shelf (for the time being), I have decided that it is more appropriate to return my blogging to the “non-denominational” Inside Conversation. I realize that I may loose some “google juice”, but, hey, I didn’t have that much juice to begin with.

I am in the market, looking for a full-time position. My focus is on Enterprise Collaboration, and how collaboration can deliver significant improvements to business operations. If you or some one you know has a collaboration project in progress or is looking to start one. Please pass my name along, or even better, send them this link:

Now let’s get back to some good old fashioned blogging.

p.s. If you are really interested in digging into some of my other content, check out my posts from Decision 3D and E Quint Consulting.


Blog Carolinas Information Release

Blog Carolinas

A Conversation about Social Media in the Enterprise

  • See how Social Media is impacting your Marketing and Communications Strategy
  • Learn how Community can serve as a model to improve your organization’s productivity
  • Meet others that are dealing with the same issues you are.
  • Talk to experts in the fields of On Line Reputation, Search Engine Optimization, Web 2.0 Technology and On Line Community Building
  • Experience cool new stuff

Event Details

Date: May 9, 2008

Location: (Map)

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
3106 East NC Highway 54
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

How to Register

You can register for the event at:
Blog Carolinas is a free event but is limited to about 200 attendees, therefore registration is necessary to attend.

Sessions & Format

Scheduled sessions include:

  • Listening to the Conversation about your Organization
  • Engage your Customers in Conversation
  • How is Social Media changing PR?
  • Recruiting Digital Natives
  • Be Prepared, Sharing Information is a Culture Shift

All sessions will be conversational, no long boring Powerpoint presentations.

Confirmed Session Leaders include:

Who Should Attend

The objective of this event is to begin bridging the gulf that currently exists between the current developers/users of Social Media tools and those organizations that have not yet adopted those tools. Each group has much to learn from the other, and a conversation is the best way to begin to build that bridge. So there are really two audiences for this event:

  • People that are currently familiar with Social Media, and want to see it used more effectively in professional and organizational settings.
  • People that do not currently use Social Media, but have heard from friends and main stream media that it may be of benefit to their organization.

So let’s start a conversation…

More information about the event can be found at:

(Disclosure: Blog Carolinas is being produced and hosted by E Quint Consulting.)