1%ers, 10%ers & 90%ers

One of the main things I am working on now is, how to change cultural and behavioral norms to improve process and productivity. Of course my hammer for attacking this “nail” is Enterprise 2.0. I believe that the tools of E2.0 will be great productivity enhancers and innovation drivers, but I am one of the “1%ers”, those that play with the shiny new toys just for the promise of things to come.


The problem is how to get from “I think this is great” to “Everyone is using it”? My approach so far has been a bit random, tell everyone that will slow down long enough to listen and assume that they will immediately agree and change their old-fashioned ways. … You know what, it’s not that easy. … Now don’t get me wrong, I have had successes, but not to the level I had hoped for 10 months ago.

I am beginning to figure out that my job is not to try and change everyone’s thinking (let’s refer to “everyone” as the 90%ers) but to find and influence the “10%ers”, those that will try new stuff as long as there seems to be some rational justification for the switch. The job of influencing the 90%ers falls to the 10%ers. If I can show the 10%ers that there is real value then they will spread the word.