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Now my old Blogger posts are in here too. (2004- June 2005)

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Hello WordPress!

I just imported my Typepad blog into WordPress. This is an experiment in progress.

Virtual Rave

Yesterday and today I participated in an interesting event, the Enterprise 2.0 Rave. This was a virtual event that was held instead of the originally planned live event slated for NY City. The Rave was hosted by Francois Gossieaux and included a great group of panelists, including:

The event was two separate WebEx/Audio conferences. The discussion was among the panelists and attendees could submit questions using the webex tools.

All in all it was a good conversation, though I wish we would have had more time in order to dive deeper into the topics. I am hoping that the conversations will continue on the "Ning" social network site that was set up to support and extend the event.

My best take-aways were:

  • This thing we are calling Enterprise 2.0 is necessarily messy. It cannot be effectively created/implemented by a controlled, managed process. It has to be emergent. This will be a hard concept to swallow by those that are currently in power.
  • In the long run, success will only happen if there is a broad and strong organic base of people using the system and living the culture. That means that success will not be immediately evident or easy to see. Again a hard concept for the ROI crowd.
  • So, even as optomistic as I am about this way of working, I must accept that everyone is not going to be as enthusiastic as I am and I must learn to be patient and persistent.

Keep the faith.


Rave Canceled

I just got a call from Francois Gossieaux that the Enterprise 2.0 Rave has been canceled. Francois is going to try and put together some sort of virtual gathering instead.