Re-Imagine (the presentation)

I just posted a presentation on Slideshare about reimagining the organization.

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Re-Imagine the Organization

I am beginning to focus in on where I want to take E Quint Consulting. I am beginning to see that there is a real opportunity in bring a “Social Media” approach to almost any business function or process. When I say social media approach, I am not referring to the technology but the attitude and behaviors exhibited by those that have used social media effectively and productively. My new tag phrase is:

Re-imagine the organization with Social Media.

From this perspective you can quickly move into how social media can lead to significant changes in:

  • R&D
  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service

To date most of the focus of social media has been on how it can change Marketing. The enterprise 2.0 movement is beginning to show how a social media approach can impact other operational areas, but the focus there tends to be more on the technology than the behaviors.

With E Quint, I want to focus onthe behaviors and attitudes surrounding

  • business process
  • operations
  • decision making

and figure out how a more open mindset to listening and sharing information can fundamentally reshape the structure of an organization.


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New Beginning

Yesterday I marked the beginning of my new job. I started operating as E Quint Consulting. You can check out the “about me” tab to get the long version of how I got here. In a nutshell, my departure from GSK has given me the financial resources to take a shot going independent.

My approach will be to focus on how companies choose to communicate with their stakeholders. Most organizations operate as if yelling at consumers is the one and only way to communicate. I hope to get organizations to understand and embrace a new communication model of listen first then join the conversation in a way that adds value. If

Yelling Sucks

Listening Rocks

So what I hope to do is to help organizations align their stated goals and objectives with how they are in fact communicating. As I have posted before, I am using the phrase Enterprise Communication Strategy to express what I am trying to do.

As for the name, E Quint, I got that from a first century Roman rhetorician named Marcus Fabius Quintilian, who believed that oratory of his time was too complicated and metaphoric to be understood by the common man. The parallel to today’s corporate-speak and marketing messaging was just too compelling to pass up.

Wish me luck, or better yet, hire me.    🙂

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