Identity, Roles & Search

A while back I was playing with some ideas about how to use identity as the core of a system to improve search. I started to write it as a post but forgot about it. These are the notes: 

  • The individual should be the kernel of the system, everything else is dynamic and should be flexible with regard to the structure of the system structure.
  • Set up a meta data hierarchy with Individual:affiliation:role.
  • Allifiation can be used by search to improve results, the more documents that are affiliated with each other that contain the same searchable criteria would result in higher search results.

I think I know what I was talking about (but not really sure), and I am pretty sure no one else will make much sense out of it. I mainly wanted to get it out of my draft box and I didn’t want to throw it away. So if this sparks any ideas for you, great, let me know. If not, who cares.

You can now return to your regularly scheduled programing.


Great Blogger Dinner

I have to agree with Nathan, I really enjoyed the dinner last night. I am always skeptical getting together with a group of people you have never met. Tried it a couple of times to no avail, but this time it was a good connection. When I got home I told my wife that it was really nice to have a conversation where everyone else had more experience in blogs, and social media in general, than I did.Blogger_dinner I really hope we get the local Social Media Group off the ground!

That’s me in the middle…

My 1st Blogger Meet-Up

Hi, it’s me again. Been away for awhile, mainly working on the dark blog. Anyway, I am heading off to my first blogger meet-up tonight (if you don’t count conferences). Nathan Gilliatt of Net Savvy organized the gathering. Here are the details, not that anyone will see this in time to make any difference.

Looking forward to it.

Also looks like big news on the job front here. Not 100% official yet, so I have to wait to tell all, but soon…

Mission Statement

The goal of corporate social media is to afford every stakeholder an equal opportunity to be heard by decision makers.

Implementing Corp Social Media

I have spent a lot of time recently trying to figure out the silver bullet for implementing a Social Media infrastructure within a corporate (non-tech) environment. I think I am beginning to see wherein the difficulity lies…

Up to now my focus has been on getting the technical infrastructure in place. And also up to now I have always said that the cultural issues would be a bigger hurdle than the technical ones, but I wasn’t really sure what that meant. I think that part of the cultural puzzle deals with understanding your existing culture. If I were able to magically snap my fingers and have a world-class social media platform in place, I don’t believe that it would go anywhere, at least not immediately, in a fundamentally authoritarian culture. The culture shock would be too great. The norms for operating in an open transparent environment would not be in place.

I believe the answer is organic grassroots growth. Bite off small chunks, start with small groups where trust and openness are already working assumptions. Let those groups be the ones to tell the story. "Be the ball." Use word-of-mouth as the engine to make the case for using social media.

Time Management

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Imagine that …in just 2 hours!