First Post, First Blog

Into the fray, it is time to join the party. This journal will be my musings about business, general management practice, organizations and how they work, systems thinking, etc.


A system is a group of things that are interdependent on each other. In essence everything is a system. The problem is that almost any system is too complicated to fully understand by any individual. In order to keep from being overwhelmed, we create simplified comceptual models of systems. These conceptual models are sometimes referred to as Mental Models. Through our experiences each of us develop unique mental models to understand the systems around us. Since each of us have a unique set of experiences, each of us have a different perceprion of the world around us. This leads to different opinions, and the common conviction that your own is correct, when in fact no one’s mental model is “correct” since no mental model is an exhaustive portrayal of reality.


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