The Hurricane

I am at a loss for words to describe my thoughts as I watch the news. I am watching what happens to people as they are put into unthinkable situations. I wonder what I would do if my home dissappeared, I had no food or water no job… would I be looting too? What I find interesting, is that as people become more focused on their own survival needs and their sphere of concern becomes smaller, their decisions seem to become more counter-productive. As they were trying to evacuate the Superdome, fights are breaking out and someone fired a gun. This of course slowed down the process and made the situation worse for all including the perpatrator. Though the circumstances are extreme, observing and understanding what is happening along the Gulf Coast this week  should provide  invaluable insight into ourselves and our organizations. I see the best lesson is that by thinking of and helping   others first, we best help ourselves. Think about that the next time you are fighting for your bit of corporate turf.


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