Blogs, Passion & Organizations

As I was reading Global PR Blog Week 2.0 it occured to me that the existance of blogs is another compelling reason for the senior management of any organization to treat all employees with respect. Now any employee can express their view, and the whole world can see inside the organization. The walls have become highly permeable. Just look at all the reaction to the BW article about Microsoft’s Deep Throat, Mini-Microsoft.

Top-down control is a thing (at least soon-to-be) of the past. Building a community is going to be the only way to build an effective organization in the future. The vision and passion of the organization will have to align with the passion of the individuals that comprise an organization. Trying to make employees the instruments of the organizations desires (primarily through financial incentive) will become less and less effective.

This approach is going to drive old-school managers crazy, well actually it probably won’t, as they will probably just ignore choose not to see what is happening right in front of them, to their own and the organziations detriment.


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