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I want your help. I want to develop a position within my organization that is focused on the functional usage of blogs and other web 2.0 applications. I see this position as part Marketing (along the lines of Seth and Hugh), part technical (as an interface to IT, not as a developer), and part Internal Communications.

Oh yeah, I want the job for myself (no hidden agenda’s here).

I am using the following approach.

  • Listen throughout the organization for areas where I perceive the soil is fertile for consideration of engaging in conversations in the public domain, or "interactive social media".
  • In the course of my current day-job, put  new concepts on the table, ask  leading questions where the logical thought progression may lead to consideration of solutions not in the traditional communications tool set (i.e., press releases, mass media advertising, internal town hall meetings, etc.)
  • When interest is peaked, engage in a discussion around the opportunities inherent in interactive social media. And, of course, pointing out that the organization currently has little capacity to operate in this area.
  • Be ready with a proposal for building this organizational capacity if and when the opportunity arises.

To that last point I am working on a job description. I would also like to develop a start up plan along the lines of Slack Manager: The first 100 days. The first draft of my ideal job description is below. I have not yet started developing a "100 day plan".

My request is for your comments on the tactical approach listed above, the job description listed below or any suggestions on putting together a 100 day plan. A link would be great, and if anyone is really inspired to collaborate, I am setting up a JotSpot wiki to keep everything organized. Send me an email and I will send you the link.


Job Description
"Blog Evangelist"

  • Maintain current knowledge Interactive Social Media with respect to:
    • the state of the technology
    • trends
    • issues
  • Liasion with IT to develop appropriate infrastructure
  • Consult with areas where Blogging might be used:
    • marketing brand teams
    • reputation
    • public relations
    • internal communications
  • Lead activity to define relevant policies and guidelines
  • Advise Sr. Management regarding strategy and tactics related to Interactive Social Media


7 Responses

  1. Hi Lee – a couple questions
    1/ is there some ‘profile’ data about the company? (market, management, culture, communication style, risk acceptance,…)
    2/ Are there some tangible, measurable benefits the company can expect to assess the impact of this service?
    3/ I’ll think of more but I look forward to some other comments….

    BTW, I received your email, but I’m using a new email address – Kris Olsen

  2. I’ll assume that the organization is somewhat new to the whole concept. In that cas, it may be a good idea to just start a laundry list of all the possible Web 2.0 applications (business uses)you think might apply. Then, start assessing some of the attributes that could (theoretically) sort the most likely candidates to prototype.

    Would a matrix work? You could have all the departments and uses down the left and all the Web 2.0 technologies across the top and just start ticking off the one’s that look interesting.

    THen you can start looking at things like benefits, risks, level of effort to implement, etc.

    I’m just brainstorming here…

  3. Lee – a question…

    I have a Typepad blog as well and I can’t seem to get Comments to post immediately. I have to approve them first.

    Any suggestion? Thanks.

  4. Stuff to Read

    Here are some things I’ve been meaning to link to that keep slipping back in the queue. How to Avoid Being Blog Bashed, which makes the excellent pointMaule’s suggestions as to how not to get “BlogBashed” are smart, simple and…

  5. Kris – Thanks for the ideas. As for our company profile, we are BIG. GSK is the #2 Pharma company globaly. I can’t quote the exact figures, but US sales is around $20B. We tend toward Hiearchy and control, though the organization is progressive around employee benefit types of things. Our biggest issue with regard to blogs etc. is the level of regulatory control we are under. Pretty much everything that goes outside of the walls must be reviewed by the regulatory/legal folks. Blogs and the idea of “everyone” communicating to the outside world creates some concern among Sr. Management.

    I like the matrix idea.

  6. Oh – I didn’t connect GSK with Glaxo. Definitely a big, hierarchical, controlling, risk-averse, ‘public perception’ oriented culture.

    My advice – stick to some strictly internal, project oriented prototype scenarios. As you know, my focus is on wikis, but I can see blogs working there as well.

  7. I’m not clear as to whether you are seeing this position as a *resource* that would be available to others (corporate PR, for example) who would actually drive the evangelization and be supported by you–or would you be the *lead* in the evangelization?

    If the latter, the proposed job description needs some rewriting to make it more objective-focused and less technology-focused.

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