Pegasus Day 2

As the day winds down, I am sitting here listening to the Stones play a concert down the street at SBC park…what a country.

As for the conference, today was an interesting day. The morning Keynote was by Marv Adams, CIO at Ford. Unfortunately I had to cut out early. His main theme was how to use systems and complexity theory in a practical way to help organizations.

Lunch was designed around topic tables. I thought I would see what the interest in blogs was with this group. I figured that blogs are a natural extendion of systems, interconnections, conversation, emergence, etc., and that it would be a topic of great interest. I seem to have been mistaken. Two people joined me and their interest was "tell me about blogs, I have heard about them, but…" Oh well, a long way to go.

The afternoon session was quite interesting. The keynote speaker was Mary Catherine Bateson. Here theme was intergenerational connections. She made a strong point that there is a wide gulf between the generations and that to make real progress in improving our society, we need to listen to everyone, the young and the elders. I attended an afternoon working session led by the World Cafe Foundation along the same topic.

Time to sign off to the sound of mick, keith and the boys playing "Magic Carpet Ride"…


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