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Flow, Identity and the Enterprise

I started reading Stowe Boyd’s blog about 3 or 4 months ago. I think I found his blog during the infamous "3rd Thursday – Die Press Release" who-ha. Anyway, I found his writing quite compelling, even though I wasn’t sure I was picking up on all the points. I was particualrly intrigued by his Traffic and Flow post. Something there really resonated, but I didn’t fully understand the concept. I kept it around in the back of my head over the following weeks.

Then there was the Twitter explosion. Another piece to the puzzle. Now this "flow" thing makes a little more sense. Still not crystalized, but clearer.

This week Stowe posted a presentation he gave recently. Wow, now this stuff is really starting to come together. The money line in the presentation was:

Identity = Aggregrated Flows, Not Static

That is what it is all about. If we can collect our digital footprints together in one place and present those footprints in time, we create a much better picture of an individual than all of the HR data in the world. In an enterprise setting this could be the long sought after key to expertise location. A way to find the people that know what you want to know. The possibilitues are truly exciting…

The gears are churning, smoke is billowing out of my ears. I can not wait to go to the Enterprise 2.0 Rave in NYC next month.  If you are interested in attending, here is a $250 off coupon.

Identity, Roles & Search

A while back I was playing with some ideas about how to use identity as the core of a system to improve search. I started to write it as a post but forgot about it. These are the notes: 

  • The individual should be the kernel of the system, everything else is dynamic and should be flexible with regard to the structure of the system structure.
  • Set up a meta data hierarchy with Individual:affiliation:role.
  • Allifiation can be used by search to improve results, the more documents that are affiliated with each other that contain the same searchable criteria would result in higher search results.

I think I know what I was talking about (but not really sure), and I am pretty sure no one else will make much sense out of it. I mainly wanted to get it out of my draft box and I didn’t want to throw it away. So if this sparks any ideas for you, great, let me know. If not, who cares.

You can now return to your regularly scheduled programing.