I just started reading Wikinomics by Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams. In just the first couple of chapters I can see that the authors have synthesized a lot of what has been rolling around in my mind for a while, but was unable to effectively articulate.

Probably first and most importantly is that the revolution that is happening in our society today is a cultural one not a technological one (though of course technology has been an enabler).

The fact that organizations will need to include those outside traditional boundries is becoming inevitable. Giovanni Rodriguez over on The future of communities blog cited Dell’s IdeaStorm as an example of the same cocreation/wikinomics referred to in the book.


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  1. Lee — Not only is Dell’s IdeaStorm initiative garnering the attention of great business and social thinkers like Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams, our first attempt at “crowdsourcing” has been a huge hit with the Dell community. In just a few weeks, we’ve received more than 3,500 ideas to improve our products and services — many of them quite good. In fact, IdeaStorm is proving to be be a great way to rachet up our direct connection with customers.

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