Let’s give them something to talk about

 I was reading Brian Solis’ post on Conversational Marketing today and realized that part of what he is talking about is how we socialize and have conversations. The line that I really liked was: 

Audiences have evolved into factions of people linked together by common interests.

Common interests sound a lot like “social objects”, i.e. something to talk about. I think Bonnie Rait had it right when she said “Let’s give them something to talk about”. This may be the best advice to give a marketer. Marketers can best serve markets by creating something worth talking about, or as Seth Godin would put it, something remarkable. And that something is more than messages.

Provide a great product, provide education, provide insight, provide value to the community. When that happens people will talk and create a conversation about you and your product.


One Response

  1. I’d like to say this is deep, but it isn’t. However, such a statement is true, even though I always attempt to avoid communication through use of spoken words.

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