Corporate Blog Council

CHICAGO, December 6, 2007 — The Blog Council, a professional community of top global brands dedicated to promoting best practices in corporate blogging, officially launched today.

Where was this when I still worked for a big corporation?   😦

OK, I want to think I have a bit of insight here, having spent the last year promoting the use of Social Media at GSK. The first thing that jumps out at me is the myopic focus on “blogs”, as if that is the only new media channel through which the enterprise has to speak with “the masses”. OK, let’s give the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume that blog is a euphemism for all social media tools (like when I grew up all soft drinks were referred to as “Coca-Cola”). Even this is short-sighted because the inherent supposition is that it is all about the delivery mechanism, the technology.

The real shift that needs to be discussed by these corporate executives is the mindset behind their approach to what is communicated. The watch words should be openness, authenticity, honesty, not blogs and RSS. Until people understand that the real change, that is being highlighted  by social media, is about listening to and understanding customers/stakeholders and not just another messaging channel, we will not see anything significant from the Blog Council.


One Response

  1. Lee,

    It will be interesting to see where this Blog Council goes…

    As an aside, what in the heck is that masthead picture? Looks like a surgically repaired intestine or something! 🙂


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