Re-Imagine the Organization

I am beginning to focus in on where I want to take E Quint Consulting. I am beginning to see that there is a real opportunity in bring a “Social Media” approach to almost any business function or process. When I say social media approach, I am not referring to the technology but the attitude and behaviors exhibited by those that have used social media effectively and productively. My new tag phrase is:

Re-imagine the organization with Social Media.

From this perspective you can quickly move into how social media can lead to significant changes in:

  • R&D
  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service

To date most of the focus of social media has been on how it can change Marketing. The enterprise 2.0 movement is beginning to show how a social media approach can impact other operational areas, but the focus there tends to be more on the technology than the behaviors.

With E Quint, I want to focus onthe behaviors and attitudes surrounding

  • business process
  • operations
  • decision making

and figure out how a more open mindset to listening and sharing information can fundamentally reshape the structure of an organization.


5 Responses

  1. Lee,

    I’m completely with you…all functions of the enterprise need to be re-invented to embrace the ‘new rules’…

    BSG Alliance calls this the Next Generation Enterprise (NGE).


  2. Lee – stumbled onto your presentation on slideshare today, very nice. Brevity is good!

    To your comment:
    “The enterprise 2.0 movement is beginning to show how a social media approach can impact other operational areas, but the focus there tends to be more on the technology than the behaviors.”

    Here here! I believe we’re taking a health stab at surfacing a broader swath of both technology AND behaviors (even on outcomes) around Enterprise 2.0 than most others, but we’ll see. Keep an eye out for our (gratis) Market IQ on Enterprise 2.0 in late March, and, by the time we’re done, sometime in Q2, a full 4 days of training around Enterprise 2.0.

    Keep up the good work, and best of luck! Anything I can do to help in your new business, let me know…


  3. Just came across your post, Lee, and I have to say I couldn’t agree more. Especially with the effort to put the focus back on behaviours.

    One way of capturing the shift required to embrace the attitude of social media in a business context is to realise that change management is no longer the exception but the rule.

    This is important because it’s relatively easy to see that social media ensure that the process of change is directed at the people it effects, and immediately engages those same people in effecting that change. That is, in the context of change management, it’s easy to see why you’d want people to be engaged and empowered – why the kind of agency that Social media presupposes is the kind of agency you want to encourage.

    However, change management is usually subordinated to the three categories you mention: business process, operations and decision-making, and ends up being little more than communicating what has changed. Perhaps, inverting this relationship, and making change management the master concept, will make social media seem like much more natural management tools.

    Actually, when I think of it, isn’t change management just a passive term for negotiated innovation?

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