Kotter – Accelerate

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I just finished reading John Kotter’s HBR article Accelerate! If you are interested in how to build an organization for success in the 21st century, this is a must read. The basic content in the article will be published as a book  in the spring of 2014. I suggest reading this now and getting ahead of the curve.

This is an evolution on his previous landmark work “Leading Change”. It incorporates what he has learned from his 15 years of delivering the “Kotter Methodology”.

One of my favorite quotes:

People have been writing for 50 years about unleashing human potential and directing the energy to big business challenges. But who, outside the world of start-ups, has succeeded? So few do because they’re working within a system that basically asks most people to shut up, take orders, and do their jobs in a repetitive way.

So much of what he says resonates with my own experience. It is about openness, transparency, and trust; but structured in a way as to not loose focus on the intent and direction of the organization.

Until further notice the organizational “dual operating system”  is becoming my new way of thinking. The article is free to read if you register on the site.


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