Do the Right Thing: Listen

It has been my experience that most people operate from a position of positive intent. “No mother’s child was ever born evil.” I don’t remember exactly where I heard that, but it says a lot. Everyone hopes to improve their situation, but everyone sees a different road to that end because everyone has lived a different set of experiences. You may see another’s actions and behaviors and determine that that person bad/wrong/evil/stupid/etc., but the problem is that you are viewing their actions through the lens of your experience. By labeling that person as an adversary, you block the ability to effectively exchange information that may lead to understanding on both parts. The whole Red/Blue Left/Right thing is driving me crazy…everyone is talking and no one is listening…both sides are guilty. The only way we as a society are going to reach a better outcome is for everyone to start listening. Listening leads to understanding, which hopefully leads to better outcomes for all.

Why the rant? I am trying to get my hands around blogs and why they are so compelling. I think it is because good blogs are a conversation and a conversation is based on listening not talking. This goes to my point that we are all looking for better outcomes for ourselves, and blogs have emerged as a way to meet that end.


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