Collaboration: Tools and Culture

Like many people, I have spent much of my adult life wondering what I was going to be when I grew up. I think the answer to that question may finally be coming into focus.

I just read Regina Miller’s post "Creating a Culture for Collaboration". I was really excited when I read it, not only because I fundamentally agree with her points, but because the day before she put up her post I updated my resume to target the type of role she is talking about. The introduction to my resume now reads:

Goal: To integrate new techology with social dynamics in order to improve organizational effectiveness by creating organizational transparency through conversations

Areas of Interest: Web 2.0, primarily regarding the use of social network applications to support conversations within organizations, and between organizations and stakeholders.

…I am open to editing suggestions…

I followed her links to Nancy White’s "Challenging the myths of distributed collaboration"; and Steven Coats "The Conundrum of Collabration" . All of this reinforces my own belief that technology is a great and powerful tool, yet it is only a tool. People must use tools effectively to produce results.

I really believe that the new web apps coming out now have the capacity to change the face of organizations, but it will only happen when people understand and embrace the tools. Sounds like the job for me.

Now I know what I want to be when I grow up! …Anyone hiring?   ;-}


2 Responses

  1. Hi Lee – I recently saw a job ad for a Technology OD Director…As soon as I find it again, I will send it to you….

  2. Lee, thanks for the comment you left on my site. I was taken aback for a moment, as my brother in law is Lee White, but he isn’t interested in this stuff! 🙂 Then I hopped here to your site and see we share many interests in common.

    You mentioned in your comment to me the ease at which some people have used Flickr to collaborate. I think it would be a great learning exercise to try and understand why and if the context is a key condition of success.

    I think about the type of collaboration required in an internal team; the type for a cross organizational team; a voluntary CoP… they all have different conditions.

    What we see in Flickr most reminds me of a CoP – voluntary and driven by people with curiosity, a passion for doing and learning.

    So, does that mean we need to cultivate those passions as a prerequisite for successful collaboration practices. Then, dropping in tools might be a great catalyst??

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